Episode #22 Podcast with Yasmin Campbell

The Importance of Self-Belief with NSITE Graduate Yasmin Campbell.

Episode #21 Podcast with LaKenia Garnes

You CAN Find a Career You Love with Lighthouse for the Blind Seattle's LaKenia Garnes.

Episode #20 Podcast with Brandi Hunter

Considering a Job in Manufacturing as a BVI? Brandi Hunter Shares What You Need to Know.

Episode #19 Podcast with Thomas Stivers

Land Your Dream Job: How Hard Work Paid Off for Thomas Stivers at the Travis Association for the Blind

Episode #18 Podcast with Reynaldo Villarreal

How Valley Center for the Blind is Empowering BVI Individuals to Succeed.

Episode #17 Podcast with Scarlet Nishimoto

From 60 Job Application Rejections to a Career Filled with Financial Stability at NIB's CMS Program.

Episode #16 Podcast with Nina Bektic

Nina Bektic: A Tale of Triumph From Vision Loss to Leading Business Consultant With the Help of National Industries for the Blind.

Episode #15 Podcast with Scott Collins

Operation Full Circle: How NIB and the Army Shaped Scott Collins' Career Leap from Trainee to Contract Management Leadership.

Episode #14 Podcast with Teri Shirk-Part 2

How a Nonprofit Can Have a For-Profit Sister Organization and Still Fulfill Its Mission of Providing Jobs for the Blind

Episode #13 Podcast with Teri Shirk-Part 1

Teri Shirk Part 1 - Discover How NIB Agencies Help the Blind and Visually Impaired Achieve Career Goals Both In-Site and Working Remotely