Episode #35 Podcast with Brandye Lacy

Communications, Impacting Public Policy, and Creating Jobs with Austin Lighthouse’s Brandye Lacy

Episode #34 Podcast with Blake Lindsay

Blind for a Purpose with Envision Dallas’ Blake Lindsay.

Episode #33 Podcast with Lise Pace

Advocacy, Public Policy, and the 1% Ask with Bosma Enterprises’ Lise Pace.

Episode #32 Podcast with Soraya Correa

Diversity, Mentorship, and Innovation in Leadership with NIB President and CEO Soraya Correa

Episode #31 Podcast with Dan Kelly

Strategic Advocacy: Influencing Public Policy on Capitol Hill with Dan Kelly

Episode #30 Podcast with Kevin Lynch

A Lasting Legacy of Employment Opportunities for the Blind and Visually Impaired with Kevin Lynch

Episode #29 Podcast with MaryBeth Clare

From Unemployed to Employee of the Year with Envision’s MaryBeth Clare

Rob Buettner

Episode #28 Podcast with Rob Buettner

From HR to Advocacy: Rob Buettner’s Impact at Beyond Vision

Episode #27 Podcast with Rick Webster

How BVI Advocates Can Make a Bigger Impact with NIB’s VP of Public Policy, Rick Webster

Luke Messer & Jeff Mittman

Episode #26 Podcast with Luke Messer & Jeff Mittman

How Changing Public Policy Will Create More BVI Jobs with Luke Messer and Jeff Mittman